We seek out deep-impact, high-value opportunities worldwide that allow us to drive positive changes and create sustainable financial returns and social capital. We have identified energy and resources, real estate and hospitality, and infrastructure as target sectors where we have unique advantages in generating extraordinary returns, while improving lives. We are also focused on opportunities beyond these target areas, such as in media and consumer categories, where we can apply our investment philosophy.

The growth of the global population and quest for better standards of living create enormous demand for new cities, townships and homes. By thinking bigger, further and deeper, we work with developers, urban planners, architects, engineers and communities to support future-ready cities and quality homes.

We recognize that land resources are limited and that the need for food production, recreation and housing must be balanced against the need to preserve natural environments and native ecosystems. Through innovative design, extensive consultation and public-private collaboration, we hope to build a better habitat where everyone can live better and work closer with one another


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